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    Here's what several satisfied clients have to say:

    "I had occasion to hire Sara to proofread a script after it had been proofed by no less than four readers. Much to my surprise -- and pleasure -- she found ten more errors! Now that's a professional!"
    ---James Metropole, Screenwriter and Playwright

    “Thanks once yet again for your great notes! You're like a Hubbel MICROSCOPE in how you find things no one else can.”
    ---Andrew Bailey Fumento, Screenwriter and Director Editorial/DVD & New Media Creative Services at Warner Bros.

    Also from Andrew Bailey Fumento with regards to a different script:
    “THANK YOU for an outstanding job giving notes on (my supernatural thriller) Dana’s Inferno!!! I implemented 95% of your notes (unheard of)! BTW I just learned that Dana’s Inferno is a Semininalist in the Acclaim Film Screenplay Competition. It’s too bad I didn’t meet you sooner. Then I’m sure it would have finished as a Finalist! I’ll be sending you more screenplays for more incredible notes very soon! Thanks again!”

    “You're a QUEEN!!! Thank you so much for your notes. I'm learning a lot and they're so USEFUL! Really appreciate your advice!”
    ---Vivi Brunstein, Screenwriter

    "Sara's coverage was extremely helpful, providing thoughtful insight, advice, and tips in every aspect from story, characters, structure, and grammar. With her help I've been able to make my screenplay better."
    ---Mike Halper, Screenwriter

    "The time, effort and thought you put into your reading and notes goes so far above what my expectations were that I'll be recommending you to everyone I know!"
    ---Will Watkins, Screenwriter

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    Why hire me to edit your document?
    I bring the fine, analytical eye of an engineer (I have three degrees from MIT) and combine it with the creative mind of an artist (I've been a writer and actor for over 20 years). When I read a document, I scrutinize every part of it, from spelling, punctuation, and grammar to logic, flow, and continuity. Beyond proof-reading, I concentrate on any questions the author may have about their work and make suggestions for improvement where I see possibilities. These suggestions can range from the order in which elements of a story unfold to the sense of a certain character's actions or words, or even ideas for improving the marketability of a piece. My experience lies in both creative works and technical documents. I've won awards for my technical writing and been commended on my creative writing.

    What's involved in hiring me?
    If you're interested in my services, please contact me. We'll discuss the type of document you want edited and any specific needs you have. My rates are quite reasonable and my turnaround time fairly fast. Your document can be provided in one of several electronic formats (Word, pdf, Final Draft, etc.) or hardcopy. I will take your document and either mark it up directly or provide you with a written list of items to correct, as well as general notes and specific responses to any issues you have asked me to consider. Once this is complete, you will get the opportunity to discuss any questions you have on my notes.

    Do you provide samples or references?
    I do not provide samples of my editing because each document that I edit is the intellectual property of its author. Even providing a sample of my notes could transmit privileged information that is not my place to provide to others.

    However, you don't have to take my word for it that you will be satisfied with my work. Above are several quotes provided to me by my clients, many of whom have utilized my services multiple times. My promise to you is the same quality editing and notes that I have provided for each of them, as well as the same respect for your work and intellectual property.

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