Sara Jo Elice always wanted to be an actress, although the path she took to get here may have been a bit circuitous. Always performing for whatever audience she could find, Sara pursued acting through participation in classes, plays, and attending programs at Stagedoor Manor and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

When it seemed time to plan the rest of her life at age 17, Sara made the difficult decision to take perhaps not necessarily a more traditional route, but certainly a more fiscally sound one and attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). There she earned two Bachelors degrees (Environmental Engineering, Urban Planning) and a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering, but always hung onto her love of performance, earning a minor in Theatre Arts and performing with the Musical Theatre Guild, Dramashop, Dancetroupe, and the a cappella group she founded, The Resonance of MIT.

After a few years of working as an engineer and doing as much "extra curricular" theatre as could be fit in, Sara made the leap to professional actress on the stages of Washington, DC. This was the impetus for her to make the much bigger leap to film and TV actress in Los Angeles.

Now calling herself a "recovering engineer," Sara dedicates her time almost exclusively to her pursuit of performance.